Commercial Cold Brew Coffee Makers

Brewing Large Batches of Cold Brew Coffee is great for both coffee shops and the avid coffee drinker to do at home.  Although making large batches of cold brew can have it's challenges, unless you have the right equipment. Our, first of their kind, Commercial Cold Brew Coffee Makers allow you to make anywhere from a few gallons all the way up to 25+ Gallons of ready to drink or cold brew coffee concentrate!

Some of the PROs to cold brewing in our completely Stainless Steel Cold Brew Coffee Maker are:

  • Up to a 30 Gallon Capacity (w/ gallon markings) for easy measuring.
  • Ease of Cleaning - Lift out your cold brew coffee filter basket and rinse out.  Stainless steel is very durable and easy to clean! No mesh bags to deal with getting all the coffee grounds out of after each brew.
  • Ball Valve - Easily start and stop the transfer of your cold brew to your keg or storage vessel.
  • Custom maximizer dip-tube that allows you to get every drop of cold brew out of your kettle.
  • Handles - Provide comfort and better grip when moving.
  • Removable Lid that hangs on side handle.
  • Thermometer hole punch for optional Cold Brew Thermometer for monitoring your coffee temperatures while brewing.
  • Choose your barb size - Threaded Ball Valves allow you to attach any barb size you need to then attach a transfer hose to.
  • Stainless Steel Mesh Filter Basket - Forget about having to buy replacement nylon filter bags to steep in, this basket will last a long time!  And the fine micron mesh that our filters use will give you a much cleaner cold brew coffee straight from the system!
  • Sanitary - Our system is made completely of 304 Brewer's Grade Stainless Steel!
  • Hot bloom:  Since our system is made entirely of stainless steel you can combine both cold brew and hot bloom methods on a large scale!