Nitro Infuser AGM Edition - On-Demand Nitrogenation with NitroNow

Nitro Infuser AGM Edition - On-Demand Nitrogenation with NitroNow
Brand: Enhanced Beverage Solutions
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Nitro Infuser AGM Edition Perfect your Nitro Coffee Pour — Everytime!

The Nitro Infuser AGM (Advanced Gas Management) allows you to take just about any flat beverage, from your vessel of choice (corny keg, sanke keg, BIB, etc) and truly nitrogenate the beverage on-demand for a perfect, cascading nitro pour. The Nitro Infuser uses patent pending technology which mixes the cold brew coffee with high pressure nitrogen in a series of chambers just before existing the faucet, giving your nitro coffee the optimal frothiness and head.  With this system you no longer need to worry about pre-charging and infusing kegs with nitrogen prior to serving a rich, frothy nitro coffees.  Simply attach your flat cold brew coffee keg to the inline nitro infuser system and you are ready to turn flat cold brew coffee into nitro coffee instantly! 

The new Nitro Infuser AGM Edition offers the same reliability and consistency as previous nitro infusers, but slightly decreases the footprint as this unit is about 1" shorter than the prior iteration.

Benefits of Using the Nitro Infuser:

  • Quickly installs between keg and tap
  • Nitrogenates at the tap, eliminating the need to pre-charge the keg
  • Nitrogen cascades up to 10X Longer
  • Nitrogen suspends up to 5X Longer 
  • No more shaking the keg
  • Consistent, repeatable pour from glass to glass
  • Impressive speed of pour
  • Allows for customization of result for shop standards
  • User-friendly and adaptable to customer self-serve environments

Product Specifications:

  • Standard operation 28 PSI (rated to 90 PSI)
  • Multiple-vortex nitrogen mixing/infusion chambers
  • High precision adjustable nitrogen infusion control
  • Dimensions: 10" X 3" X 1.5"

Installing the NitroNow Infuser on an Existing Draft System

Can I install this on my existing kegerator?

Absolutely.  This unit installs inline with your existing setup with with easy.  It's as simple as mounting the Nitro Infuser inside your kegerator with the included mounting pad, and cutting your draft and gas lines and attaching them to the nitro infuser with the provided clamps.  

Is there maintenance involved?

Once installed inline with your draft system, the only maintenance you will need to do with your nitro infuser module is standard cleaning and sanitizing of your draft system.  The Nitro Infuser is designed to clean in place.  Simple attach a keg of cold brew cleaning solution to your draft system and let run through your Nitro infuser and out through the Faucet.  Chances are you are already taking this step to regularly clean and sanitize your draft system already. Then followup with a water rinse and sanitizer.  See our cold brew cleaning and sanitizing kit for more information. 

Do I still need to use Quick Cascade Lids with this?

No.  This eliminates the need for quick cascade lids.  The Nitro Infuser utilizes the in-line nitrogenation technique, vs. pre-infusing the keg like done with the quick cascade lids.  

When using the infuser, is it still necessary to use a stout tap?

Yes. The nitro infuser charges your coffee (liquid) with nitrogen. The stout tap is necessary for delivering the rich, cascading pour.  

The Nitro Infuser is a great alternative to:

  • Micro Matic NIM / MININIM / Nitrogen Gas Infusion Module
  • Wilbur Curtis Nitro Infuser / NIB1 / NIB2 / NIB3

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Nitro Infuser AGM Edition - On-Demand Nitrogenation with NitroNow
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7 out of 7 found the following review helpful


Finally a solution to easy Nitro!! June 19, 2018

Thank you for this unit! I'm in the process of developing a Nitro product for my business and came across this amazing device. With NitroNow, I can deliver cold brew with the perfect cascade and head without needing to pressurize the keg. I can change my configuration and play with different settings to dial in the right amount of nitro infusion. I've been using it for a couple of weeks now and have already purchased another individual unit and two NitroNow enabled Kegerator's. Time to Nitro Infuse other beverages now that I can manipulate the fusion process!!

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5 out of 5 found the following review helpful


INSANE Nitro Pours! May 21, 2018

I was a little skeptical on how well this could work, and the price point made it hard for me to take the plunge, but after talking with the KegOutlet crew about the unit over the phone I decided to give it a shot...

Just received the unit and got it hooked up to my kegerator in about 10 minutes. Hooked up my flat keg of cold brew that I typically use for iced coffees and was blown away with the results! It took just a couple pours to dial in the infusion adjustment, but after that the pours were amazing! So frothy, it's incredible how well this works, and the head retention on the nitro pours is incredible. I have an inch of foam that will stay on the coffee for over an hour!

I highly recommend this product. It's more expensive that some of the other pre-infusion methods, but the amount of time I am going to save in the long run it's definitely worth it.

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3 out of 3 found the following review helpful


This product is AMAZING September 14, 2018

The result from using the infuser is a controllable infusion of nitro into your cold brew pours. I am hesitant to provide such a great review since this device is such a great trade secret for our shop in California. But it is REALLY incredible!! Not only are the pours creamy and silky, but you save a lot of nitro since you only use what you need before the coffee is poured... in other words, you don't mix the nitro in the tank, it gets mixed right before the coffee leaves the tap.

Best investment for a coffee shop I can suggest. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!!

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3 out of 3 found the following review helpful


This thing is awesome! December 11, 2018

I've been making nitro in my kegerator for a while now. I've had to make 5 psi adjustments every 5 minutes and then sometimes shake the keg and wait a few hours to get a good pour. I heard about this unit and decided to give it a shot. It installed very easily and my very first pour was absolutely perfect! Perfect homemade nitro as easy as could be! If you make nitro you need this!

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Never shake a keg again... They weren't lying! February 11, 2020

The guys at Keg Outlet laughed at me when I told them about my routine (more like a ritual) of filling my kegs with coffee, then hooking them up to nitrogen and shaking them vigorously over the course of the next few hours. My keg shaking process makes a great nitro, but man is it exhausting! Especially in the summer months when temps get into the upper 90s... talk about sweating! Not a good look for a cafe owner.

Keg Outlet suggested I try out a NitroNow so I picked one up (not 100% sure if it'd compare to my keg shaking prowess). I was surprised beyond my wildest expectations. I can't tell you how many hours I've wasted shaking up all of my kegs. I'm a little more fit now, my upper body is chiseled like Zeus, but I wish I had all that time back. If you're serving nitro coffee, get it NOW with a Nitro Infuser.

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