Welcome to Cold Brew Avenue

Cold Brew Avenue is your one stop shop for brewing and putting your craft beverages on draft.  From coffee, to kombucha, to tea, Cold Brew Avenue is your ultimate source for information and equipment for brewing small to large batches, as well as serving your favorite craft beverage on draft!  Our new stainless steel Large Batch Cold Brew Coffee Makers allow you to cold brew coffee from as little as a few gallons all the way up to nearly 50 gallons!  This cold brew coffee maker is designed completely with the user in mind.  It is easy to use, easy to clean, easy to kegand since it is made entirely out of brewer's grade 304 stainless steel, you know its durable!  After your brew is complete, simply open the ball valve and let your filtered coffee flow into your cold brew coffee kegs.  With full kegs, you are ready to serve nitro coffee, kombucha, tea, or your favorite craft beverage on draft with our cold brew coffee kegerators.

Already Have a Refrigerator for Storing Your Kegs? 

No problem, we can help customize virtually any refrigerator and help you turn it into a craft beverage dispensing kegerator!  Swing by our Nitro & Draft Coffee Components section of our website to view all available nitro coffee towers, faucets, regulators, nitrogen tanks, and more!