Cold Brew Avenue

Cold Brew Cleaner & Sanitizer

Cleaning and sanitizing your cold brew and draft coffee equipment is crucial in maintaining a clean and great tasting product.  

We're excited to announce our new Cold Brew Cleaning & Sanitizing Kit. In collaboration with Urnex Brands, we're happy to introduce our Cold Brew Kit - a 2-step kit specifically for cleaning and sanitizing cold brew coffee equipment and designed to address the growing safety and hygiene requirements of cold brew equipment.

This two-step kit consists of 2 products:

  • Clearly Cold™ / Step 1 / Cleaner
  • Complete Cafe™ / Step 2 / Sanitizer

Clearly Cold™

A cleaning product, specifically formulated for the removal of coffee oil residue from cold brew coffee equipment. Clearly Cold™ can be used to clean both cold brewing equipment as well as cold brew draft systems and other serving equipment.

Clearly Cold™ is a great way to mitigate coffee oil and coffee residue build up on your equipment between batches and works great in helping to keep the Cold Brew Avenue stainless steel mesh filters flowing freely.

Complete Cafe™

An EPA listed and approved sanitizer that is designed specifically for cold brew equipment, but can be used in a number of other applications as well. Complete Cafe™ can be used to sanitize cold brew equipment, cold brew draft systems as well as any of the following: commercial ice machines, frozen beverage equipment, dairy equipment.